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Participants: 133Abstracts: 129
Abstracts: In Person 52 Absentia 77
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Photos of the NPA's first Public Day

Photos of the NPA's first public day by professional photographer Lawrie Margrave.

Videos of Conference

For more videos from the conference click on the World NPA YouTube Channel and subscribe to the NPA's YouTube channel to be updated when new videos are uploaded.

From Steven Rado, NPA Member

"With my wife, Rochelle, we spent three unforgettably gorgeous days in the beautiful Long Beach State College and a very busy public day in the fantastic Pyramid Pointe. What can we say that would properly express our overwhelming feelings about this adventure? What would my first good dissident friend, the founder of the Natural Philosophy Alliance, John Chappell say if he would be with us in the final photo up on the steps of the Pyramid Pointe?

I can only mention some names who I knew and met in person and believe that they did a great jjob to make all these possible: John C. Chappell, Neil and Eleanor Munch, Dr.Cynthia Whitney, Dr. Domina Spencer, Francisco Miller, Ronald Hatch, R.H.Dishington, Milo Wolf, from fifteen years ago, and the present group of pertinacity, carrying the torch against the huge resistance of 'occultism'.

Bob, Patricia and David de Hilster, Greg Volk and many others who we only perceived as a busy persistent association of dissatisfied philosophers who will not rest until the last molecule of occultism disappears from Natural philosophy.

We, - Steven and Rochelle are close to ninety and could only be proud to be part of the NPA. As we'll see, soon, official science will realize where the solutions of centuries old enigmas were coming from.


Steven and Rochelle Rado

17th Annual NPA Conference

Every two years, the NPA conference has been held somewhere in the western United States. This year's conference will be held June 23-26, 2010 at Cal State University at Long Beach, home to more than 35,000 students.
The Beautiful Campus of Cal State University at Long Beach

60 Minute Internet Radio Program about 17th Conference

William Alek from the Progressive Tech and Vortex News 2010 internet radio show interviewed NPA Conference Producers Greg Volk and David de Hilster about the 17th Annual NPA conference with its new Public Day. Greg talks about the NPA, the 17th Conference taking place in Long Beach, California, and the World Science Database.

To listen:

June 19, 2010: Greg Volk and David de Hilster

April, 2010: Greg Volk
Click here to listen the 60 minute radio interview

Press Release and Poster for the Event

Read our press release and see and print out the poster for the conference and public day.

Click here to read the press release and see and print the poster.

Press Release and Poster for the Event
First Annual Sagnac Award in 2009

Second Annual Sagnac Awards in 2010

In honor of the many significant contributions to alternative science, the NPA will present its Second Annual Sagnac Awards in 2010 to three deserving scientists. This year's awards will presented as part of a formal dinner on Friday night, June 25, 2010.

More information coming...

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